Staying in Brussels

Brussels is the destination for exploring the political and economic issues which influence language learning in Europe today.
The heart of Europe and its institutions, home to the magnificent new European Parliament building, the Council of Europe, Brussels is the city where European policies are made. It is also a vibrant, multicultural, multilingual city.

As English becomes more and more the language of commerce and international communication in Europe, there is nowhere more interesting than Brussels to watch this happen.

Brussels is also the capital of Belgium. Brussels is a place rich in art and architecture, treating you to its local specialities, and its friendly atmosphere. You will see that the city has a lot to offer to students;
 libraries and bookshops, sport facilities, shops, tasteful food and drinks (like the famous French fries), the delicious chocolates and the world's strongest beers.

However, remember that CELTA courses, in particular, are extremely intensive. If this is your first visit to Brussels, do build in time either before or after your course to look around as you probably won't get a lot of time to do so during your CELTA!

And if you would like to explore the rest of Europe during your stay in Brussels, you will be delighted to find cities like London, Paris, Cologne or Amsterdam all within a radius of 300 km. These cities are easily accessible by high-speed trains, cheap plane tickets, Euroline buses.