Staying in Treviso

Treviso is an attractive town in the Veneto region of north-east Italy, with a population of around 80,000. Treviso's meandering waterways and tranquil atmosphere makes it a pleasant town with several attractions. It also makes a good base for exploring the area (including Venice), or for enjoying a quiet Italian break.

Rebuilt and restored after Second World War bombing, the town centre is a rambling maze of streets lined with arcaded walkways. Looking up, you'll see fragments of the painted frescoes which once decorated Treviso's houses. The town is circled by a town wall and by waterways. Treviso markets itself as a citt√† d'acque , water is an important feature of the townscape. The river Sile runs to the south of the centre, and canals carry water around the town, lined with houses or grassy banks, weeping willows, waterwheels and little parks. The town's defensive walls, moat and imposing gateways are still impressive sights.

One of Treviso's other notable features is its comfortable air of prosperity. The town is home to the clothing empire Benetton, which has a large store behind the Palazzo dei Trecento in the town centre. Unlike Venice, this town doesn't depend on tourism - you won't find tacky tourist shops, silly hats or bullying tour guides, just a well-off Italian town going about its daily business.

However, remember that CELTA courses, in particular, are extremely intensive. If this is your first visit to Treviso, do build in time either before or after your course to look around as you probably won't get a lot of time to do so during your CELTA!

And if you would like to explore the rest of the region during your stay in Treviso, you will be delighted to find cities like Venice, Verona, Padova, Asolo, or the Alps and the Adriatic Sea all withina radius of 100 Km. These are easily accessible by train and bus. 

We would like to share with you a local's guide about Treviso that was published on The Guardian newspaper - click or tap here to see it.