How long does it take to find a job in TEFL?

If you successfully complete the CELTA you will be of interest to private language schools in Belgium, International and European schools. These are always looking for qualified trainers. 

Trainees generally apply for jobs before the courses end and often get their first jobs immediately after the course - for anyone thinking of TEFL as a profession: there is work out there! LTTB will give careers advice and will offer references to all its candidates.

What countries can you teach in?

The CELTA will allow trainees to find work in European countries and all around the world. Many openings are found at summer schools run by language schools in Britain.

Are there job opportunities in Belgium?

Indeed, one of the principal reasons for coming and doing your CELTA here in Brussels is to be able to get acquainted with the European system, to create your own local network of contacts and generally to start to integrate into the local culture. This is probably the most essential ingredient to your success.

The great advantage of Brussels is that it is in the heart of Europe and its institutions. There is an increasing demand for English as institutions and companies do business in English.

For an EFL teacher starting out, Brussels is also a very manageable city to live in. The city is culturally very lively and responds well to those that want to experience living in a highly international community.

We don't have the exorbitant prices for accommodation of other capital cities, and getting around the city is very easy thanks to the very efficient transport system.

Many CELTA teachers want to set up as freelancers with their own company structure. There are excellent associations in Belgium that help freelancers find their feet with paperwork.

Teachers can also become part of 
This is a national association for teachers of English and offers initiatives all year round.

The help we can provide with a career in TEFL does not end when your course finishes. After your course ends, we provide:

  • Help and advice on a wide range of subjects relating to teaching English around the world
  • Personalised references
  • Regular information about worldwide job vacancies

What sort of organisations can you work for?

Trainees will find work for private language schools and for state schools. In Belgium and neighbouring countries there are many opportunities to teach business English and give private classes.

Who do you teach?

Trainees will be able to teach adults. Thanks to the CELTA they will also be able to teach teenagers and young learners.The typical timetable language schools give is likely to involve a variety of this nature, with young learners after school, mid afternoon, and adults early evening. Initially CELTA course trainees are fairly likely to find themselves teaching Business English, General English, adults,teenagers or young learners.