Luc Schyns (AUGUST 2022)

I would definitely recommend this course because it helps you gain experience as well as laying a theoretical background to teaching which will be really helpful in the future.


Chelsea Gomes (AUGUST 2022)

Overall, the experience was very enriching and I have no regrets enrolling for the course. The BigBlueButton platform was user-friendly and had useful tools for students and the teacher to be involved in lessons. However, there was a common issue amongst us where the audio/mic would cut off when we return from breakout rooms causing us to have to refresh the page every time. That is all – THANK YOU!


Unknown (AUGUST 22)

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in pursuing English teaching. The course, despite being online, equipped with many important skills and techniques that are transferable to a physical teaching environment too. Moreover, I learnt so much more about teaching methodologies, approaches and learners’ needs from studying the informative course units. All the tutors were supportive and encouraging throughout the course which spurred us on.


Sheila Ahmad (JUNE 2022)

Yes, I would recommend this course. Even though I had no teaching experience nor English- language-teaching background, this course provided me with the knowledge and tools that I needed to be one. The five-week intensive course was a lot of work and sometimes taxing, but I reaped the reward at the end. The constructive feedback from our tutors shaped me to become better, and I now feel confident enough to go out in the world and teach.

I was happy with most of the course with LTTB. The two orientation sessions were a great introductory to the course. We were eased into using the platform and the tools that we would use during our course.

We were given access to a lot of resources on Moodle and Telegram, which were really helpful for when we needed to conduct research for our Assignments and Teaching sessions.

Apart from the Teaching Practices and feedback from our tutors, the experience which I feel best shaped my foundation in CELTA were the revision sessions with Nerina. Even though we had time on our own to read the units, the revision and practices that we had with Nerina allowed me to understand the content better. Although the revisions were only for some selected few units, they were sufficient in preparing me for the next stages of the course, especially as someone with no English-teaching experience.


Gaëlle Toujas (NOVEMBER 2020)

I would recommend this course. I think it is the best and quickest way to learn how to become a teacher. The amount of knowledge transmitted is immeasurable and precious. The tutors are supportive, accessible, and happy to train new teachers. I felt accompanied and encouraged. This experience has transformed me, and, I hope, my future professional life.


Lukas Weemaes (MARCH 2022)

It takes dedication and focus to finish the intensive CELTA course. Nevertheless, after five weeks this course provided me with the confidence, the resources and the skills to start teaching English. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to obtain a CELTA certificate in a short period of time and has the right motivation to see it through to the end.


Margot Lorthiosis (DECEMBER 2021)

I would absolutely recommend this course. I think it was truly well-organised and useful. I am truly grateful for your approach, support and fairness throughout the whole process.


Donata Vendemiati (MAY 2021)

I’ d recommend this course for sure! I’ve always believed Celta should be a must in any English teachers’ career because it gives you the method to teach properly. I’d also recommend LTTB because everything worked well. The input sessions on Monday were very useful and Nerina Conte, to be honest, is as clear and simple when she is teaching that’s almost impossible not to learn! Bita Rezaei, one of the best teachers I’ve ever met in my life, available, generous in giving tips, inspiring, motivating and always on the side of the teachers-to be.

Clare Booth, the experience, and the tradition.

I’d also recommend the part-time course because it’s less stressful than the full-time and you can juggle different things at the same time (course, your work, your family…)


Benedicte Saury (MAY 2022)

I am very happy with my new life today as an English teacher and currently teach at University level from Fresher to Master’s levels. I mostly teach business and professional English along with scientific English and some sessions on “sustainability at work”. It is really interesting and enjoyable, I am very busy and I am starting to choose my assignments from the contractors that contact me. I also keep some one-to-one teaching opportunities, sometimes online, mostly preparing these students for certifications like Toefl and IELTS. It is a good mix!


Monica Antonello (MARCH 2022)

… it is well-organized, and the tutors are always available and supportive. It requires a lot of time, but the system adopted is manageable.