Why Language Teacher Training?

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LTTB & LTTI are established  CELTA centre. We have been running teacher training courses for 11 years. We run courses all year round. CELTA is what we do.

Courses are delivered by highly experienced tutors and are constantly supervised by the head teacher trainer to ensure excellent quality across all courses and to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of the trainees on the course.

No matter which format you choose, online courses or in-presence courses, our tutors work with trainees every step of the way to encourage each candidate to develop their teaching skills to their maximum potential by the end of the course, whatever their starting point.


Our CELTA courses are offered in various formats to cater to as many individual requirements as possible. All courses consist of both tutor-led seminars and workshops and teaching practice.

In the seminars and workshops, you will learn about different teaching techniques and how to analyze the English language for teaching purposes.

In teaching practice, you will teach real students in real-time putting theory into practice. Your tutors will follow you every step of the way and provide high-quality feedback and guidance. Your tutors will also use a  variety of techniques to help you develop the skill of observing peers and giving feedback.

In all courses, you will be expected to spend time outside the course hours on lesson preparation and assignment writing.