The Cambridge Diploma (DELTA) is the most prestigious and widely recognised British qualification in English Language Teaching. It is intended for candidates who have substantial experience of teaching English either in the UK or abroad. 

A number of UK universities are now offering credits and/or exemptions on their MA and other courses for those who have obtained their DELTA.


Who is this course for?

This qualification is intended for teachers with substantial experience who want to:

  • Build on their initial English teaching qualification and progress further in their career
  • Extend their professional knowledge, develop their skills and apply these to different teaching contexts
  • Take on new and challenging responsibilities in their teaching careers
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the profession and prove their ability
  • Examine their existing practices and beliefs
  • Make a career in English language teaching or move into other roles, e.g. Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer, etc.

What is DELTA like?

The Delta is an advanced teacher training qualification made up of three modular components which you can take at different times. All three modules are separately accredited by Ofqual, the regulator for qualifications, exams and tests in England at Level 7 on the National Qualifications Framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Delta modules can also be integrated into some MA programmes in the UK. To become Delta qualified, you must pass all three modules, but individual certificates are issued for each module passed. There is no time limit for completing the three modules.


The DELTA course aims to ensure a balance between the demands of practical application and understanding of the theoretical background. As well as a detailed consideration of key theoretical issues, it includes classroom observation and supervised, evaluated teaching practice.
The work load is heavy and candidates are advised not to take on commitments that might prejudice their chances of participating fully in the course.

Applying for the course

Candidates are expected to be graduates or to have qualified teacher status. A recognised ELT training certificate such as CELTA, or its equivalent, is considered essential. As a rough guide, two years’ broad and full-time experience of teaching adult classes “post-CELTA” is the minimum prerequisite in terms of teaching experience. Candidates should complete an application form, for the full-time course. They will then be asked to attend an interview; in the case of long-distance candidates, the interview is via Skype. Accepted candidates must then pay a non-refundable deposit to secure their place. The face-to-face M2 course takes place in the summer in Brussels, Belgium. It runs for eight weeks and includes all the required teaching practice plus the assessment. Application procedure for a Module Two application we require the following documents from you:

  • LTTB Delta Application Form including the M2 additional task on the application form OR Application form for a further module if you have previously taken a module with LTTB
  • Lesson planning task
  • Full up-to-date CV
  • Copies of any relevant certificates you hold, e.g. CELTA, other Delta modules, degree certificates
  • For the face-to-face course an interview is part of the standard application procedure. Once complete, we will normally process your application within 10 working days. Reading lists will be provided once we have received payment for the course.

What are the DELTA modules?

Delta is a flexible, three-module qualification for people with experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages who want to progress further in their careers. Because it is awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge, Delta is internationally recognised, highly respected and a benchmark for quality. The three modules of Delta will:

  • Extend your knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching
  • Encourage you to critically examine your current beliefs and practices as a teacher
  • Help you apply your new knowledge and understanding to your current teaching role
  • extend your knowledge of English language teaching in contexts other than adult learners
  • develop your career by allowing you to apply for more senior roles
The three modules can also be taken separately and are separately certificated.

Course Description

The Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a globally-recognised, advanced qualification for experienced English language teachers. It combines practical teaching elements with a strong theoretical background. There are three modules you must pass to be Delta qualified and it is recommended you begin with Module One.

  • Module One: Understanding language, methodology and resources
  • Module Two: Developing professional practice
  • Module Three: choose between Extending Practice and ELT Specialism or English Language Teaching Management.

There is no time limit for completing the three modules. All modules are accredited by Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge.

Course Programme

  • 8 weeks in July and August, with a daily 3 hours’ input and 2 hours’ teaching practice, plus home study.
  • Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00, including input, teaching practice and feedback. This course requires extensive work in the evenings and weekends outside the timetabled hours shown below.
Successful candidates will be issued with a Delta Module Two certificate about three months after their entry with one of the following pass grades: Pass, Pass with Merit, or Pass with Distinction. Certificates will be sent to LTTB and then passed on to the candidate. Some universities accept Delta Module Two as credit towards a Masters qualification. Course credits may vary; please enquire with the university directly.

Face-to-face Course Outline

  • Seminars on relevant practical teaching-related topics, tutorials and lesson-planning advice
  • Guidance on reading and study
  • Teaching practical observed lessons with classes of students at LTTB
  • Detailed feedback and support from the tutors
  • The face-to-face option in Brussels includes all the required teaching practice, and the assessment is arranged for you with no additional assessor travel costs to cover.


Assessment of Delta M2 is through a Teaching Practice Portfolio which consists of: (1) Four language skills/systems assignments (LSA, two skills and two systems) that include a written element and assessed teaching practice, one of which is externally assessed.

Each of these includes:

  • A background essay (2,000 – 2,500 words)
  • The planning, teaching and evaluation of an observed lesson related to the chosen area The final lesson will be externally assessed, i.e. it will be assessed by a Cambridge English registered external assessor. (2) A Professional Development Assignment (PDA) that involves identification of developmental needs and focus on these throughout the course along with an experimental teaching practice component.

The PDA consists of:

  • Reflection and Action (including one diagnostic lesson observation) (2,000 – 2,500 words)
  • Experimental Practice (2,000 – 2,500 words)

Please note that the face-to-face module is very intensive. You should ensure that you do not have other time consuming commitments during the course and are in good physical and mental health before embarking on the Delta Module Two.

Module One: Understanding language, methodology and resources
The exam can be sat at Language Teacher Training in Belgium in December after your course, or in June or December each following year. We make the arrangements for the exam on your behalf; if you decide to sit the exam for the upcoming exam date we need to know at least two months beforehand to complete payment and booking procedures in good time. The exam fee is charged by Cambridge English and invoiced by LTTB on their behalf.
The work is based on writing, reading, study and practice exam tasks. It focuses on understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching. This includes:

  • A background understanding of ELT, teaching approaches and learning in a range of contexts
  • A knowledge of applied linguistics sources on the main principles and practices of English Language Teaching
  • An understanding of practical theory and methodology needed for teaching a range of systems and skills lessons
  • Regular exam practice with constructive and helpful feedback from the most experienced Delta tutors
    The exam itself is made up of two 1½ hour papers taken on the same day.

Successful candidates will be issued with a Delta Module One certificate with one of the following pass grades: Pass, Pass with Merit, or Pass with Distinction. Certificates will be sent to LTTB and then passed on to the candidate.

Course fees

  • Course fee: €2,825
  • Module 2 fee: €175 (paid with the course fees)
  • Total: currently €3,000
Exam fees
  • Module 1 (written exam): €140
  • Module 2 (coursework): €175
  • Module 3 (extended assignment): €100
€1000 deposit on acceptance and the balance by one month before the start date of the course. Note that deposits are non-refundable. Candidates who did their CELTA course at LTTB or LTTI are entitled to a discount of €150. Bank and/or transfer charges for all fees will be added to the total.

Course Dates

No courses available at the moment.